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20/20 vision refers to the clarity and sharpness of a person’s vision. Much in the same way, our 2020 Vision refers to the clarity and sharpness of our vision while looking ahead to the year 2020.

​​​​Everything we do in Young Life is intentional. We aim to tear down the many barriers between kids and their leaders, which in turn tears down barriers between kids and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Club is a time-tested tool that does just that.  The opportunity to build out and move into a club room and office space at 721 Broadway meets the needs of our Club ministry as it continually grows. The new space will allow kids to take ownership of the space and allows use of the space to go deeper with kids through the week. The building is also located near the University. This expands our opportunity to engage college students in leadership and a possible expansion into Young Life College.

Now through the end of December 2014, we have the opportunity to increase our monthly contributions by offering an annual match of new electronic monthly gifts. This means that a monthly gift of $50 will generate a matching check of $600. Our current goal is $1250 of increased electronic monthly giving. A possible break down is visualized to the right (1-$300/mo, 1-$250/mo, 4- $100/mo, 6-$50/mo.) 


​​$15,000 Matching Annualized Committments!!!
​We​ currently have $250 committed in monthly contributuions that totals to an annual gift of $3000.  

Adding the match puts the increase of $6000.  

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